Basque Stage Candidate Post no.2 – Slow cooked egg yolk ravioli with garlic braised kale , pecorino and black pepper

I decided on this recipe mainly because I’ve been obsessed with idea of egg yolk ravioli for months . I don’t know about you, but my favourite part of an egg is the yolk . The gooey runny golden deliciousness gets me every time . Because of the natural richness of the egg yolk and the luxurious silky egg yolk pasta , I wanted to pair it with ingredients that would balance the dish , so it wouldn’t become overwhelming . The bitterness of the kale blend perfectly with the spiciness of pecorino and black pepper , all brought together by the egg  yolk .

I started by slow cooking the eggs in a water bath at 65 degrees Celsius for one hour with a circulator and cooled them once an hour had passed . I removed the yolks from the whites and set them aside.To make the pasta , I sifted the semolina flour and salt onto  a table and made a well in the centre , into which I added the  yolks , which I had previously whisked gently  together . I began to slowly incorporate the dry ingredients into the wet until a soft dough was formed . I then kneaded this dough for roughly ten minute until it was smooth and sprung back when I pressed it . The dough needs to rest for an hour , so in the meantime I trimmed and washed the kale and braised it in a little vegetable stock with a handful of peeled crushed garlic cloves . Once the kale was done , I removed it from the liquid and saved the braised garlic gloves , which I mashed and passed through  tamis to create a puree . I saved a  little of the braising liquid as well .

To make the ravioli I rolled the dough out extremely thin . I  roughly grated a layer of pecorino on to the pasta sheet . I then seasoned the yolks with pepper ( the pecorino was plenty salty ) , brushed the perimeter with water and  laid another sheet over the yolks . I sealed them by pressing the sheets together firmly and then trimmed the ravioli to size
 To finish the dish , I heated a little butter in a pan while I was cooking the pasta in salted boiling water . I added a touch of the garlic purée , braised kale and a little of the veg stock swirling the pan to create a soft emulsion seasoning generously with black pepper . I placed the kale in a bowl and placed the ravioli on the bed of kale . I then spooned a little of the remaing liquid over the ravioli and garnished the dish with shavings of pecorino . It was delicious ! Enjoy !

Slow cooked yolks with Pecorino !


Kale having a braising party with its friend , Garlic .

Finishing the kale with the braised garlic , butter and black pepper .
The finished product : Slow cooked egg yolk ravioli with garlic braised kale , black pepper and Pecorino
Delicious !!!

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